Is she playing hard to get or does she really like me or afraid/shy?

Well the co worker I liked she was the older woman (shes 49 I'm 34) that i like didn't return to work and when I told her I liked her last year she didn't want to hang out cause of the co worker thing but now things are different. Ok now her and I are still talking via facebook but not all the time for one I don't want her to think I am obessive and I don't want her to get scared and stop talking to me. I gave her my phone number the other day and asked her if she would like to hang out just me and her, her reply about giving me her number I don't really like giving out my #, 2 things is she playing hard to get? is she waiting until she gets to know me better? About the hanging out part when I asked if she would like to hang out just her and I she didn't get back to me until the next day and she said if your ever in my city text me. Now this is telling me she wants to hang out with me and that she interested?? Is she interested? I want her to see the real me if her and I decide to hang out one day, so if her and I decide to take our friendship to something more then she will know who i really am. Another thing in your opinion should I keep talking to her and see where things go??


another thing should I date or look for other women to

2 Answers

  • Anonymous
    3 months ago

    Take it slow because it sounds like she has difficulty trusting people, but it sounds like she's open to the idea of hanging out with you and getting to know you, so keep talking to her and just be patient with her.

  • 3 months ago

    because I am looking for a real woman

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