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is he into me?

Alright. There's a bit of an age gap. I was 19 when I started seeing him and he was 24. I go to college far away and he worked in my hometown.

I started hooking up with him. We hooked up for about a month. He was pretty nice. He was extremely concerned and preoccupied with the other people I was hooking up with and would constantly ask how many others were there, and seemed satisfied when i eventually told him it was just him. I don't know why he asked but it definitely wasn't for health reasons. He told me multiple times I was the best sexual experience of his life.

He paid big bucks to uber me to him each week, like $100. It definitely wasn't romantic at first but the last time we hooked up it was noticeably more intimate. After it he seemed to feel weird and was really closed off and put a pillow between us. 

I moved away, and he still repeatedly asks to hang out with me. I turn him down. Thing is I tested positive for something and almost gave it to him and he's like. Not mad at all? Huh? Why doesn't he care?

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