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Will a momma cat always reject a disabled kitten?

Im getting one of my brothers kittens but, Im worried for it as part of his butt doesnt have fur and his back legs are twisted and barely usable. Should I ask for him early in case the mom rejects him? 


Thank you both. I had a mom cat years ago who tried to kill a couple of her healthy kittens. She was a first time mom so it really worries me as this momma had 7 babies and this one is clearly disabled. My brothers wife wants to watch it and let me know so I guess I will just have to hope for the best at this point. I just ordered a kitten bottle and oddly enough already have goats milk on hand just in case.

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    Good answer Daisy, but I would add that more often than not the mother cat will reject it and could be of the mindset to kill it...I've seen this and it's a HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE thing to see the results of. In all my many, many decades of caring for kittens I've found that goat's milk is great for fostering kittens. In one case I even went so far as to add a LITTLE blood from beef liver. That was my first venture into mothering kittens, and the 3 of them turned out happy, healthy and long lived! When you get into feeding them regular cat food MAKE SURE to read the label for the cat food and make sure the ash content is as low as possible since a high content can lead to crystals forming in their urine and can end up blocking the urethra tubes and very possibly killing them...mostly male cats. I've seen this too and it is a heart breaking thing to go through. No more than 8% is barely safe for them...but I ALWAYS compare labels and choose the absolute LOWEST content. Good luck with your kitty, take good care of it and love it just like you would a baby brother or sister!! 

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    Not always, but they could. Try to keep him with his mother because she'll teach him everything he needs to know, grooming, walking, and using the litter box. If the mom rejects him then you or your brother could bottle feed him special kitten formula from the pet store. Good luck. :)

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