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If you have thin hair, do you have a good experience at the salon or no?

I hate going to the hair salon because whenever I go, the stylist always mentions my hair is thin at least 2-3 times. I understand it's part of their job to deal with hair type, thickness, texture etc. but every time I go, I leave feeling bruised on the inside.

It's not that they mention my hair is thin, I already know it is. It's the way they mention it. They say it in a negative way and in a way that humiliates me. They're not sensitive and I feel that's poor customer service on their part.

I can imagine being in their shoes, I don't have to say the things they say in that tone. In fact, if I were a stylist i could even say stuff like 'Don't worry, your hair still looks good'. I would say things like that because I want them to feel good about themselves.

There's only 2 times this didn't happen. 


And my hair may be thin, but there's hair much thinner than mine so when they say stuff in an extra loud voice like 'YOUR HAIR IS VERRRY THIN' with a rude smirk on their face, they're exaggerating on purpose.

Update 2:

I meant there's only 2 times the stylists were not rude.

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    The next time you visit a salon, mention your previous experiences. Let them know, from the beginning, you know your hair is thin and they should kindly keep their remarks to themselves. 

    You're right, it is poor service and there's no reason to continuously point out something that you already know. Instead, they should be advising you on the types of cuts that will help you get the most out of your hair, the products that can be used to give your hair volume- they should never, ever, ever make you feel bad about thin hair.

    Millions of people have thin or thinning hair- you are NOT alone. My sister has thin hair and she's found wonderful stylists who've helped her w/layers and wearing her natural curls, etc. I recently started to experience hair loss. I incorporated specialized shampoos, conditioners, root boosters, and biotin rich vitamins to help strengthen my hair and reduce additional loss. 

    Bottom line- don't feel bad about it. And, speak up for yourself. You pay these people money to cut your hair- not to comment on the thinness of it. 


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