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why do we have illegal immigrants coming in and working under the table , when we have so many unemployed in the USA?

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    Because there are no laws in place or the laws that are in place are not they are useless....enforce the laws, stop employers defrauding the country for their own profit

    Illegals who can get a job, without pentalty on the employer having to prove who they employ. Illegals who rent without a landlord having to prove they are legally in the country and face a penalty for renting to them if they do not have that proof.and a Government who turns a blind eye to illegal and so has zero respect for citizens and is simply not doing its job that it was put in place to do. Illegals who are arrested for shop lifting, driving offences, DV or any other thing they happen to come into contact with the police or any statuatory agency are not arrested for being illegal and removed legally from the country.

    The USA has a huge illegal presence and have done for decades, it has a very long and unregulated border where illegals can cross unhindered most if not all illegals could be stopped by enforcing laws  on employers and landlords as if the illegals have no place to live and no employment then the USA becomes a country where they can't easily survive so they go hme or better still don't come in the first place

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    Because many unemployed in the US will not work for the meager pay and zero conditions.  Illegal immigrants are a huge plus to the US economy.

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    Because people hire them!  They generally work for lower wages, so, they are popular with employers.  In Canada, companies are fined heavily if they employ illegals, so, few do it, and, we do not have an illegal problem in Canada, thanks to various methods, and rules.  The USA does not have these, so, many go there.

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    So that we won't have as many unemployed.  One of the reason that we have so many unemployed is that many employers have had to close down or move to other countries because they couldn't get the workers they needed in the U.S.  I've lost two jobs when my employers consolidated their operations in other countries where they could had workers whom they couldn't bring to the U.S.  As long as there are enough foreigners in the U.S., a company can hire some of them and some Americans.  But if they can't hire enough foreigners, then they go where they can, and hire no Americans, or at least a lot fewer.

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    The jobs aren't always where the people are. Is an unemployed worker in Texas going to go to Michigan to pick cherries or to California to pick avocados? Is he willing to work on a landscape crew in 100 degree heat in Dallas? Or work in a steamy restaurant kitchen for minimum wage? Or butcher squawking chickens, hundreds a day, in a chicken processing plant? Many of these immigrants are willing to work the bottom-of-the-rung jobs that Americans aren't willing to take. They often can't speak English when they arrive, so they have to work with a crew that speaks their language (much like our European ancestors did when they arrived). I'm not defending their illegal presence, but many of them aren't taking jobs away from Americans. They are working the jobs that Americans don't want.

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