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Why do Trumptards applaud Trump's attempt to "knee-cap" the US Postal Service?

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    Yes, they probably do.

    Donald Trump has bitten the BIG ONE on this move because the United States Post Office was founded with our Constitution along with an act of congress.

    This institution does not belong to him but to the people of the United States which it serves.  Trump is so close to treason right now he probably dreams about the gallows.

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  • Robert
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    Cutting back on waste is a good idea.  Find an organization that is burning through more cash with less reason to do so that the buggy whip manufacturers or the post office.   Of course we all understand the desire of the left to get the ballots out and back with little or no security, but other than that can you libs describe a reason we need the post office to be funded to the extent that it is and any reason to allow it to lose billions each year?   I think we can safely cut bay the deliver three times a week.  The junk mail and birthday card from grandma will be ok getting there on Wednesday instead of Tuesday.  

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    We don't buy into the Leftists misrepresentation  that Trump not wanting to pump additional billions of dollars into the failing USPS equates to " gutting it " .

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