Why people think they need vaccines?

Since we did humans ever need to inject them selves with chemicals to prevent diseases when its already proven that vaccines are contaminated with tiny viruses? I haven't took a vaccine in years and I dont plan to ever again and I feel good. Same with pharmaceutical industry none of their medications actually work they are just poisonous to the mind and body. It's like people in higher places of power want to fool the mass public because we have no idea about anything. 

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  • 4 weeks ago

    What gets me is why the ones who get all their vaccinations complain if someone chooses not to.

     If they have gotten their vaccine then they must be protected from anyone who may have the virus.

     It's like if I opened a 'Smokers ONLY' restaurant. Only hired smokers for cook and wait staff. Only smokers can come in.

     Why would the non-smokers ever complain about it?

    But they would!

  • 1 month ago

    Ah, you must be pro-disease. I'd rather not die from a preventable disease, thanks

  • hart
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    1 month ago

    the vaccine religion

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    You and Kiko have something in common, you are helping to keep diseases going and making money for large pharmaceuticals who make much more in the medicines you take when sick than in the medicines that prevent them.  The irony of the anti-vaccination group is that one of the main sources they use to support their claims was made by a doctor who was trying to sell a vaccine he developed and, to do so, made several claims about the existing vaccine.  When no independent studies were able to come to the same conclusion he eventually admitted to fabricating his results.  Another researcher came to several conclusions that not only other studies, but the same group this person belonged to, were unable to duplicate.  It eventually was discovered that a contaminant had entered the study causing false results.  This fact is ignored by those opposed to vaccinations as they prefer the original, flawed study.

    As for real world evidence, where I live there is a large community opposed to vaccination.  During each flu season the rates are much higher among them to the point where numerous people there go to surrounding communities secretly to have the flu shot.  In addition, a recent outbreak of measles was traced to this type of community were over 80% of those that initially caught them had not been vaccinated.  As for Kiko, while their family may not show the symptoms of the flu or other diseases that does not mean they do not have them.  There are several groups which do not show active symptoms, they just merrily spread it to others.  A famous example is "Typhoid Mary" who spread typhoid to numerous people while never showing signs herself.

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  • Fred
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    1 month ago

    The fact is vaccinations have saved many millions of lives.  Maybe the reason you don't get sick is because most others have been vaccinated so no one is carrying a disease for you to catch.  Diseases like smallpox, diphtheria, tetanus, and polio and other diseases years ago were rampant in society with huge numbers of people dying from them  The reason we don't see them these days is vaccinations stopped these diseases dead and now people like you no longer face the risk of coming in contact with people who can give you these diseases.  You go to poor 3rd world countries and some of these diseases are still rampant killing and crippling many.  Years ago many people who got polio ended up in iron lungs laying on their backs for the rest of their lives with the iron lung working their diaphragm to help pull air into their paralyzed lungs.  Remember if it wasn't for vaccines at least one member of you family likely would be dead or damaged.

  • 2 months ago

    Its the new God. hardly anyone in my family has had vaccines and we are legit the healthiest people that we know. Im assuming since everyone else calls out to work for being sick like twice a year and were unlucky if we get sick once. Talked to a several people at work all of which seemed equally divided and all alive. I had a class once where only one of us got the flu vaccine and guess who got sick lol. The vaccine lover lol. Truth is hygiene habits and medical care cut down disease fatalities before vaccines even came out. I used to share medical journals showing you can get diseases from the vaccine you get, its not a guarantee, and vaccines spread but, there have been no studies to show how much diseases are from those shedding the vaccines vs those unvaccinated coming by it naturally. Its the new religion and they wont even look at university or governmental sources. I dont waste my time. Its not too hard to find the truth, not the easiest but, if they really are open to it they can find out themselves. 

  • Expat
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    2 months ago

    Stay off the conspiracy theory websites pal. You’re well on the way to being fitted for a permanent tin foil hat. 

  • 2 months ago

    You've definitely earned the label of a "Covidiot."  Thanks to morons like you, we'll still be battling this pandemic years from now.

  • Mike G
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    2 months ago

    Because they work, dumbass.......................

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  • I hope you don't die from COVID-19.

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