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Why would anyone say every Trump-Republican in Congress is a traitor?


@ Anonymous ... MY MISTAKE

Let me rewrite the question:Why would anyone say every Trump-Republican in Congress, except Mitt Romney, is a traitor?

Update 2:

@ stan ... They're our front line troops. Romney stood up for the Constitution. The rest of them, though, are proving themselves to be accomplices in the attempt to replace our democratic republic with an autocratic form of government ... If they're not with us, they're against us, traitors to their oaths to protect and defend the Constitution against all enemies both foreign AND DOMESTIC.

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    With the lone exception of Mitt Romney, ever Republican in Congress voted against impeachment.  The ones in the House voted against authorizing impeachment articles and the ones in the Senate (again, excepting Romney) all voted against conviction and removal from office.  With their votes, every single one of them said that it was okay for a President of the United States to pervert American foreign policy in order to coerce a foreign government into giving him help with his reelection bid.  To make matters worse, before the impeachment trail happened, Andrea Mitchell, an NBC reporter, said that a Republican Senator told her that "if the impeahment vote were held in secret there would be 40 Republican votes to convict).  In other words, at least 80% of Republican Senators recognized that Trump was guilty and voted to acquit him anyway.  Ever Republican lawmaker except for Mitt Romney betrayed their oath of office and America.  Not a single one of them deserves to keep their job, or hold any other elected office ever again.  They all deserve to live out the rest of their pathetic lives in shame and infamy for what they've done to this country. 

  • Republicans are covering up for mob boss Trump.

  • Anonymous
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    That would be incorrect.

    Mitt Romney is not a traitor.

    no - MY MISTAKE-you said every Trump-Republican 

    Romney is not a Trump-Republican

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    1 month ago

    Not traitors just cowards. They know what Trump does is wrong they aren't that stupid

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