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Why does my sister do this to me every time?

My daughter is turning 6 next month. My sister older sister came up with a brilliant idea for me to throw my daughter a sleepover/spa party and she would help me with everything. I agreed and told 6 parents about the event that I was having for my daughter so they could bring their daughters. I told my daughter about it which she’s excited and was planning to order things for the event this weekend. My dad birthday is the same weekend that we plan to throw my daughter the party which my sister already knew. Today she calls me and said she just found out next month on that Friday a family member was having a small gathering as well as the next day which is Saturday. My dad birthday is on a Sunday. Then she tell me that basically we can still have the even Friday into Saturday but Saturday we have to go to the family gathering afterwards (meaning we will be rushing  my daughters birthday celebrations to go to someone else’s) she then tell me we can do Saturday night into Sunday but if they have a celebration for my dad (which we won’t know until the week of his birthday) then she won’t be participating in my daughters birthday event. I feel so bamboozled because we’ve been planing my daughters party and this was my sisters idea and now she’s putting it on the back burner. I have no one else to help me throw a party with 6 kids and plus I’m pregnant on top of that. I’m just annoyed that she’s flopping like this .

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    You said she "does this every time". This suggests that there has been a long standing pattern of your sister not being reliable, not following through on commitments, etc. Its understandable that you are "annoyed".  But once burned, twice shy? If you know this is her pattern, you would do well to stop planning things with her, or relying on her .  You can still include her, but as a guest.  It would appear that you are stuck, this time, so hopefully, it will be a lesson learned. Your question centered on why she does this; it would seem its because she has gotten away with it historically and has no reason to expect otherwise.

    As for the upcoming party, perhaps some of the other moms could be enlisted to help out. Good luck,  

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    Do you have a husband? If so, require that HE help. Or you could cancel the birthday party if you don't think you can handle it (no shame in that) and do something really special with your daughter just the two/three of you instead. No clue why a 6 year old needs a "spa party". I think you have every reason to call your sister up and demand that she live up to her promises to YOU. 

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    maybe you could do the celebration on a different day

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    "My sister said she'd help with my daughter's birthday, and now she won't, leaving me to do all the work, and I'm upset." There, I simplified your rant. I mean question. Just ask the other mothers to pitch in.

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