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Aria or Sienna for a girl an  why?

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    I knew a woman who named her daughter Shantay.  I asked her about it and she said "It's French I think."  Of course it was spelled wrong but that's the French word for 'song'.  'Aria' is Italian for song.

    Sienna, OTOH, is an area in Italy famous for their yellow-brownish mud, which was used as a pigment in painting for many years.  Or a minivan (I have a Sienna minivan and it's a great minivan!)

    If it was me I'd much rather be named after a song than mud.  But I have to admit 'Sienna' is a cool name for a girl.

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    I think Sienna is prettier out of the two even though i cant help but think of the minivan "Toyota Sienna" lol

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