Best way to prepare to become a roomate with my best friend out of state? Best way to provide income for rent?

At some point next year, I am planning to move in as a roomate with my best friend of 10 years, in Atlanta, GA, from a small town in Florida. The main reason for this move is because I have a Bachelor's Degree in Gaming & Animation, and there's no demand for it where I currently live.

However, moving & becoming roomates is a process I'm unfamiliar with. I still live with under my parent's roof and they don't charge me rent, I must pay rent in order to live with my friend in Atlanta, but I don't know how to go about this.

I am being laid off from my job here in Florida due to Covid. so I don't have a steady income.

I was planning on moving to Atlanta by Spring or Early Summer.  Should I have a certain amount of money saved? I don't have much.

It would be nice if I could land a job before I move in, but how do I apply for jobs out of state. Ive never done this before either. I dont have my portfolio ready yet, but I'm asking in advance to prepare myself.

Bottom line is, how do I prepare myself to move in as a roomate in a different state?

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    First, you need to discuss this with your prospective roommate.  You will not be able to rent an apartment or be on a lease unless you have a job and proof of income.  If your friend is willing to take the risk of having to pay for all the expenses, that's his/her choice.

    You get your act and portfolio together and you apply online when you are actually ready to get a job.  I'd think that many jobs in your field would be able to be done virtually, so that you could get a job from anywhere.If you can't get a job in your field, you get any job that you can get to pay the rent.

    You need to start understanding your monthly expenses.  In addition to rent, you will have utilities, internet, premium streaming services, renter's insurance, food, personal care items, transportation, clothing, etc.  You need to figure out how much money you need each month and how to earn more than that.  If you can't, then you aren't ready to move out.

    You should have at lest 3 months worth of living expenses saved up along with whatever it will cost you to move.  Most landlords ask for two months of rent plus a security or cleaning deposit.  You'll need to have that available. 

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    5 months ago

    You are 29 with a worthless degree and no savings?

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    5 months ago

    Get another job so you will have income while you apply for a job where you want to move.  It would not be fair to your friend to move in with no money and expect her to support you like your parents do

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