Told to self isolate ?

Today I was told half way through the day that someone has tested positive for covid-19 I work in a nursing home and wear my mask all the time. I was then told I had to go home in front of everyone in the building and when I asked why they said I sat with her outside on a 4 seater bench for 5 minutes or just a little less than that. I am not told that due to my own dudiliance I am off work for 14 days without pay although I wasnt right next to her and it was outside for 5 minutes no more can they do this. They also sent another person off for apprantly taking their mask off near this person but that's one word against another but still sent them home. I have already had it bit by the time they tested me I was negative I was in a household that all had symptoms and one was positive this was back in April. I just want to know that if I haven't been contacted by track and trace (work said they were part of) and I will be tested on tuesday and if that's negative then really could I go back to work. I need pay and have no symptoms and the manager just went off on one at me and two others without talking to us in the office privately.


Sorry about the spelling mistakes. I am still employed there and will be searching for a new job but all I really want to know can they send you home for no proof that I was close to her like they think.

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  • 1 month ago

    Yes, not only can they do that, they HAVE to do that. You were in contact with someone that tested positive and they know about it.  If they don't make absolutely certain you are not infected, and that means going through quarantine, they open themselves up to lawsuits and punishment by the government.

  • 1 month ago

    All you can do is apply for unemployment. 

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