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What do you think should be done to improve people’s home countries ? So they will not have to immigrate to USA. ?

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    I think that the US (and other OECD nations) has an obligation to help less developed countries. If the "it's the right thing to do" / altruism argument falls flat with you, there are a number of selfish reasons for us to do this.

    One is that their problems become our problems when they show up on our doorstep. When things deteriorate and get desperate in people's home countries, the rate of outmigration tends to increase and subsequently affect us. Another factor is national and global security. Desperate people do desperate things. It's no coincidence that some of the worlds most troubled hotspots are also areas of poverty. Sometimes these areas require military intervention or become exporters of terrorism. It's cheaper in money and lives, to help others than it is to fight them. 

    So that's the why. As far as what should be done? This is complicated, but I think there are a few things that many poor countries need help with:

      * Support for good governance and strong institutions

      * Universal education for kids, especially girls

      * Support for agriculture, key to food security and often the backbone of the economy 

      * Public health, to reduce things like infant mortality and infectious disease

    How to get there could be a long conversation, and there's certainly multiple viewpoints. 

    Source(s): Have worked in international development
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    Personally I believe in overthrowing oppressive and murderous regimes like Assad's in Syria. I just don't believe in doing so for free and then leaving. I believe that the idea of leaving Iraq after shedding Blood and Dollars to liberate it and then leaving a power vacuum for the Insurgency and Islamists was radically unsound. Having paid with American lives for it, Iraq was ours. Their oil, our oil, to pay for the service. I'd like to liberate Mexico from the puppet government that's a shill for the drug cartels and all the little craphole countries in Central America from whom refugees flee. Yes, as Jesus says we must welcome the stranger among us Matthew 25:31-40 and the Temple Sermon of Jeremiah and Ruth 2:10 but the Bible doesn't say that welcoming the Sojourner doesn't give US the right to conquer their countries of origin. I'd divide Iraq with Russia and kick Russia all of Syria and Turkey if they'd crown Grand Duke George. As Russia could use warm ports and coasts on the Mediterranean I personally think they'd go for it, giving US a good opportunity to grab Mexico without a protest. Well, not from anybody who matters. And, on the other side, I'd really like to divide China with Russia. Split the Gulf of Tonkin and give Russia the northern half. Republicans swagger around like they're "so hawkish" and I am all like HA! You don't know Hawkish by HALF. Picking on poor little US citizens who want an abortion or to be Gay or Lesbian is just schoolyard bullying. Conquering the Earth, now THAT'S Man's Work. 

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    If you want a long term example of what you are talking about, then look at the EU, all the countries who join, pay a membership fee each year to the EU, before any country can join they have to be up to a certain health, education, H&S, resources and they apply and have a staged period of years thy have to 'hit targets' of improvement and the EU fund their improvements in billions of Euros during these pre joining years........ it happened with countries like Romania billions was sent to improve and build their economy, they joined and as soon as the Romanians were allowed to travel to live/work in other EU countries they did on mass, all the uneducted, unskilled, along with their very large families straight to the richer countries in the EU, to get healthcare, education, housing and benefits and too many also brought along their criminal ways.thise richer countries had been paying billions and billion to improve their country and they still left as they could get more...

    So if they want to imgrate to the USA, then make sure your immigration rules are strong, only accept students who pay international fees which is a benefit to your country and make she they go home afterwards so they can use their education to improve their own country or highly skilled/highly educated workers on work visas, as that improves the economy of your country

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    If you look at the example of Honduras and El Salvador, it becomes obvious that the very worst thing you can do to a country is to entice their brightest and best young men to go elsewhere.  So the best thing you can do for a country is discourage emigration.

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    I'm confused, according the left and the media the US is a terrible place to live. Surly no one is trying to immigrate here.

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    We've tried that... it's called colonialism. All we've had ever since is a bad rap for even making the attempt

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