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Could I be pregnant ?

Wondering if you can get pregnant without your partner actually c*mming inside. There was abit that went inside but that was just before my period, had my period and that was that. We’ve had sex but without him ending in me 

I am unable to drink without physically feeling I’m going to throw up, my period is late by 1 day so far but I am ill With flu so that could be why? 

My cervix is high, and firmish don’t know if it’s open or closed as unsure what that feels like. I’ve been having a cramp/ pulling in my right side of my uterus 

 ( WE ARE BOTH IN OUR 30’s so please don’t be mean, we wouldn’t mind a baby!) Just wondering if it’s possible 


The nauseous cane before the flu - flu only came yesterday and my period was due yesterday hence why it could be late, but nauseousness came as soon as I drank a bit of alcohol my mouth went and I haven’t been able to drink since ( like 3 weeks ago) 

Wondering if you can get pregnant with pre *** or that bit of *** before my last period? 

May sound stupid and I’m sorry 

Update 2:

Also was told my temperature was a little high (this was a week before my illness So wasn’t that) 

Update 3:

I would just like to say we had sex after my period too... 2 weeks after it , but again he didn’t finish in me 

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    Well, no.  If you have unprotected intercourse, there is always a chance that some sperm can be released before ejaculation in other fluids.  It is very unlikely that you would get pregnant having sex just a couple days before your period is due because ovulation would have occurred well before that and the egg is only viable for about 24 hours.

    Being a day late is nothing.  All cycles fluctuate a bit and being stressed out or ill can certainly mess up a cycle. For the vast majority of women, there are no "symptoms" of pregnancy in the first 3 weeks because those symptoms are related to increased hormone levels that aren't high enough to cause the issues.

    It sounds like you are experiencing g a combination of some stomach bug and anxiety.  Again, it just isn't likely you'd get pregnant based on your post.  I would encourage you to relax and focus on your flu.  If your period hasn't arrive by next Friday, take a home pregnancy test or call your ob/gyn and get a blood test.  If you are concerned about taking flu medication, call your ob/gyn now and ask about those medications.  

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    He can always pre-*** before actually fully give a load. If you still want to drink in the mean time, drink Coors light. Do your research first though. My boyfriend openly feels fine for giving me one Coors light to enjoy with. He tried to tell me on how it's okay, but I half listened with how tired I was.

    + Don't drink any alcohol when you confirm to be pregnant. It's not good at all when you are. Just in the meantime a little seems to be okay.

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    It could happen, but the chances are pretty slim. And yes, having the flu could cause feeling nauseous and your period being late.

    Wait and see if your period shows up, and if you miss it completely, take a test.

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