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Can I reseed my lawn and apply Bug B Gon the same week?

Hello landscaping experts!

Mid summer we decided to get some grass in a good portion of our backyard ( for our 2 yo daughter to play), we went with sun and shade SOD, it was beautiful!  While it lasted... 2 weeks later I started seeing little holes on the ground, and it looks like something was trying to roll up the SOD, was advised it could be raccoons and skunks looking for "Grubs" and that as they go they urinate on the SOD and that's why I was seeing those brown spots, more like dead grass...

Now, I have an aerator, bought some Scott's Thick'R Lawn to reseed and a Bugs B Gon bag to get rid of the bugs and hopefully the raccoons and skunks. 

Sorry for such long post.

1-Should I reseed or apply the insecticide first?

2-can these products be used in the same week? 

3- if not, how long apart should these products be used?

4- do I even have the right products?

Note, I just mowed the grass yesterday and some parts of it looks healthy, while others have brown spots/dead areas and those little holes chased by the diving skunks.

Look at the before and current picture

Thanks in advance

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    apply the bug b gone first and allow it to work, then reseed

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