help here! I am an insecure guy... :'(?

I'm 17 year old guy from india, i'm a light-skinned guy. I'm short and a little chubby( have chest fat too) I have no hair on chest and very little hair on belly( worst part ), I feel very insecure about it, i don't take out my shirt because i feel embarrassed. Only hair on my body are on my legs, Arms, and my face(beard you know) and pubic hair too. When i was a kid, i looked really feminine, some people even used to mistake me for a girl. But the problem is nowadays i still feel and think that i look feminine, and i spoke with my parents  and my sister about it they said i look normal and pretty masculine, and people on public too think that i go to gym or something( i don't they say because i look very masculine). I know i look masculine now as a 17 year old(as people say ) but still i feel like i look feminine. I know i'm a coward. Please help, what should i do?

1 Answer

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Study, study, study. Eat healthfully and try not to obsess about what you put in your mouth; just focus on healthful food. Also, exercise because it is good for you and will help to clear your mind so that you can study, continue with school, and get a really good job. I promise you any "imperfection" you think you have will go unnoticed.

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