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Looking for a programming language for electrical engineering, which programming language should I learn?

I still have 2 more years of high school but I want to be an electrical engineer and I need to learn to code. I know that 1 programming language can't be used for everything. Which programming language is good for programming electronics/ electrical machines/robotics? Thx a lot for helping me out :D.

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    Python, Java, and Javascript are the top three programming languages. Next are C/C++

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    There are many tools which employ many languages. It depends on which tool you want to use. Some of them are Spice and other circuit simulator programs.

    Go online and look at Http://

    ; "Circuit Simulator Applet".  It is free to play with. It is very helpful in creating schematics and getting voltages& currents. Learn how to use it. Play with it.

    When you do a circuit analysis like Nodal Analysis or Superposition Analysis, use "Circuit Simulator Applet" to check for the answers.

    There are several online but this is the best one I have found.

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