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Should I return to my ex?

She loved me when I was young and broke. And also waited 6 months for me to finish my military training to join the army and return to her. She was with me for 5 years during my family crisis and she was there when I had my surgery. She never cheated on me and was faithful and very pretty and sweet and innocent and kind hearted and always forgived me even when I hurt her.

We had a fight after we got engaged because of our families and we broke up, she tried so hard to make us return to eachother but I refused. 

We brokeup after a fight that we had because of our families she yelled and told me that she doesn't want to be with me anymore. And after we broke up and called off the engagement she told me that she didn't mean what she said and was only angry and stressed over my mother bad treatment and but still want to be with me. But I pushed her away. She came to the hospital during my surgery and helped me but I didn't call her after now I regret it now

She waited for me and tried to make things out for 3 years and didn't lose hope even when I dated other girls. 

I blocked her from everywhere and ignored her.

But now I started to miss her but I knew that she finally moved on with some other guy.

I feel like I made a big mistake. 

Should I make a move to get her back or it's too late.

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    What a shame you allowed family to ruin your happiness. I hope you learned from that. You can contact her, see if she even relies. She may be married and with kids already, due to you family influence. Make sure you thank them for you now being very unhappy in life, are they happy? It is more than likely its too late. Do not let anyone get involved with who you love,or it will happen again.

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