Is this a daibetes? ?

My father is dealing with wounds for 2 months and a week. But we can't afford enough money to go to a hospital. He's 64 yrs old. And he also has hypertension issue and uric acid (he takes meds for it). Is this a diabetes? If it is, what type? His bone marrow is fine in his x-ray.

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  • 1 month ago

    It's a wound, why it's not healing could be any number of causes and reasons. You father needs to see a doctor or go to a wound care clinic. There are places that offer sliding scale for those that are low income.

    Guessing at what the possibilities  are, is foolish, finding out what's going on is going to be critical to his future health. At the very least to prevent an infection that causes him to lose that leg or worse. 

  • 1 month ago

    You can NOT tell if someone is diabetic by looking at a photograph, ma'am.

    Your father needs to have his blood tested to measure the amount of glucose (sugar) that is present.

    Do you know anyone with a home blood glucose testing kit.  They could tell you if your father's blood contained more glucose than is the 'normal' range.  Even if your father's blood did contain a higher level of glucose, by law it MUST be a practising medical doctor who makes the diagnosis.  It would, after all, be a doctor that writes out prescriptions for any medication(s) deemed necessary to aid your father in controlling his blood glucose levels.

    You can NOT tell what type of diabetes someone suffers with without further testing being carried out.  There are no home testing kits available that would be able to determine which specific type of diabetes it is that someone is suffering with.

    The photograph you present does appear to show an 'ulcer-type' wound, but diabetes is NOT the only reason that someone might develop ulcer-type wounds.

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