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Anonymous asked in Politics & GovernmentPolitics · 8 months ago

What pork was added to the Coronavirus relief bill with credible citation?

Would conservatives be referring to Republicans trying to hide the $8 billion for military weaponry or the $686 million for new F35 Fighter Jets that is hidden in coronavirus bill?  

How about the $500 billion dollar of Paycheck Protection Program funds that was 'misplaced' finding its way to hate groups, 9k Evangelist megachurches, Tucker Carlson, his own son-in-law, Kayne West and Donald J. Trump's multi-million dollar donors?

Remember you only got $1,200

What United States cities are now ash and soot from 'the riots' with credible citation?


I notice no credible citation for mail-in ballot and weed claim.

Update 2:

I notice no credible citation for the United States Postal Service claim which Republicans are desperately trying to defund in an attempt to stop people from voting during an election.

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  • Anonymous
    8 months ago
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    "Eheh! Dusnt change the fact that libs are maxist terrerists"

  • Anonymous
    8 months ago

    Pelosi wanted universal mail in ballots and marijuana growing subsidies. 

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