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Anti masker coughed near me, now I’m paranoid ?

I was wearing a surgical mask, but standing in line by customer service target someone walks in without a mask, coughs near me I’m going to say about six ft maybe slightly less, and keeps walking, it’s so so frustrating. Now I have anxiety over this. I sprayed Lysol as I got in the car all over, showered when I got home. I know people cough and don’t have covid but is this all bad ?

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  • Andy C
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    2 months ago

    Wow.   That's a tad overkill.   Best thing is for you to sequester yourself for two weeks before going to see older/any family. 

    You can't change your exposure,  but you have the absolute power not to be the one who kills Grandma. 

    You wearing your mask drastically reduced your exposure.   Not 100%, but MUCH BETTER than nothing.   

    You did what you needed to do and it's not your fault that you live in such an inconsiderate country. 

    Continue to do what you can and don't dwell in what you cannot change. 

  • Goerge
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    2 months ago

    If you are that worried I am curious why you are wearing a surgical mask instead of a proper N95 mask. 

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