Career question: Would you leave this job?

I have a job in a regional town in government. I would have to live independently and I dont know many people and not sure where to meet people. I tried a  few activities, church, yoga, art classes bible study, gym but they are most not as social as I thought. I struggled to manage independent living and meals with a ft job in an office, which is mainly on the computer with little interaction. I also have bipolar disorder. I am studying a grad cert in digital comms. I am not sure I will get a job between now and then but my current job is on hold till next year. Should I leave it to go to an unknown org but in my current town or stick it out? my work place culture is very good and good working conditions. How can I make living independently work for a second time? or should I go for a another grad program in my city which would get me closer to the goal in working in health?

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