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How am I suppose to get the dog I want? He doesn’t have to be a purebred or even a puppy (must be no older than 3 years though)?

Must be small though no more than 15 pounds and really 10 or less is preferred. I would prefer to adopt but the local shelter and humane society never have small dogs unless they are super old!  Advice?

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    You either have patience and wait until a shelter or rescue has what you want, or you research a reputable breeder to purchase from and get on a wait-list to purchase a puppy. 

    You may need to compromise on what you want if you want a dog from a shelter or rescue. You might end up with something that is a little larger or a little older. Small dogs that are healthy have significant resale value when they are younger, so people generally opt to sell them if they become unwanted, rather than surrender to a shelter or rescue.   

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    go to a pound.. They are all over..

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    Buy from a legitimate breeder.

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    My grandson laughed at your question because it’s so dumb 

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    I wrote out a polite email about the dog that would fit my life style and emailed it to a bunch of shelters in my area. A few got back to me and others said they had nothing but would add to me a list.

    I went to see my "dream dog" and three weeks later had a totally different one that didn't fit my description. So I just changed my life to accommodate her. 

    Just email a rescue and find out. There are so many dogs needing homes, easily in high kill shelters.

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    Pick out the breeds that come in the needed size, and either contact rescues for them (who may also have mixes thereof) OR go to www.petfinder.com (If in USA) & plug in the breed(s) & your zip code for dogs, closest to you.  Then contact each rescue with a potential dog or breed that works - and fill out some adoption forms and await approval.  You can also apply to FOSTER with any shelter or rescue group.  Any number of foster homes end up as "failures" because they want to adopt the dog they foster.  USUALLY fosters get first rights, on a pet they are fostering.

    With Covid there are LESS dogs for adoption, but during August many shelters will run a special called CLEAR THE SHELTERS.  Dogs are often LESS but you must pre-apply & have one of several dogs picked & (in years past ) you had to stand in line to adopt, in order of arrival (like buying event tickets).



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    Try breed rescues for various small breeds you'd be interested in petfinder.com

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