Why most drug house are very bum/junkie?

Is there reason why drugs house is often looked awful like falling aparts. Like too dirty that nobody will live there.

I thought drugs dealer business made huge profit. They should be able to afford luxury house. If in poor neighborhoods then can upgrade to make it looked good like new again.

But why is that most often drug house is the worst the most dirty in a whole neighborhood? I mean drug house always busy because too many addicts visitors stopping by to get drugs or get sex from hooker.

Or maybe they made house looked awful on purpose so people will know where to buy drugs just go by the worst ugliest house on street?

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  • xyzzy
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    2 months ago
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    Drug dealers can make a lot of money. Drug pushers make a lot less.Most drug houses are located in poorer neighborhoods because that is where the majority of their customers are.

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