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How much harder on my running shoes is running on asphalt vs treadmill?

So if a pair of running shoes lasts me 4 years if I use the treadmill, how long will they last if I strictly run on asphalt?

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    Depends on how often and how far you run. What matters more than the surface you run on is your weight and the miles you put on the shoes, as well as the shoe itself (some brands hold up better than others). Typically 300 - 500 miles is what most people get out of their running shoes. If the shoe is wearing out (the insole breaking down or outsole wearing down) or you start to feel pains after a run that are abnormal, it's time to take a look at your shoes.


    A lot of runners (esp those who run on back to back days) rotate between 2 or more pair of running shoes, so after they wear 1 pair that pair has more than 24 hrs to air out, dry out, and for the insole to decompress. I personally rotate between 2 - 3 pair of shoes at any given time, myself. I' don't run a lot of miles per week, so a pair may last me well over a year. 

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    lol .. 6 months if your easy on them ..

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