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Is hair restoration surgery right for me?

I had a recent consultation with a surgeon concerning the restoration of my hair loss.  He was very professional and his work will be overseen by a doctor who has around 40 years of hair restoration surgery experience.  The only thing that concerns me (not the cost) is the procedure.  He wants to use the FUT surgical method, as opposed to the FUE.  FUT is the use of donor follicles accessed from a strip of skin removed from the back of the head, while FUE uses follicles across the scalp. This method seems outdated to me, and will leave a permanent scar as well as about a 3 week recover period.  However, it is assured the scar would not be seen unless I shave my head.  Is anyone able to share any risks attributed with the FUT method as opposed to the FUE?  Are there obvious benefits to the FUE procedure over the FUT procedure?  Any information concerning this would be greatly helpful as this is seen as a life changing procedure for me.

Thank you!!

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    Please, tell me the final result if it came with fruits to you

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