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Can anyone correct this text?

At the third year of elementary school we had a new math teacher. We didn't do much with her and she was oftentimes home because her son was sick (rumors said he was autistic). We kept getting sobstitute teachers. Lots of those people were from the south and I remember they some of them would tell us stuff like "I saw a ghost one time, and then another time I went to curch and I saw womeone that was possesed by the devil and the priest was making the exorcism" O_O I remember I was really puzzled, considering I was very much of an atheist at the time.

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    During the third year of elementary school, we were assigned a new math teacher.  She was frequently absent because she needed to care for her son who was reputedly autistic. Consequently, we had a lot of substitute teachers, many from the South. I remember some of them telling us stories like "I saw a ghost one time", and then another time "I went to church and I saw someone who was possessed by the devil, and the priest was performing the exorcism."  I was bewildered because at the time, I was an atheist and didn't believe in spirits or the Devil. I also didn't see what this had to do with math lessons.

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