I'm a trucker, are podcasts still downloadable, or just streaming?

I used to download all the time when I had an MP3 player. I wanted to download Dave Ramsey but every place I go to allows me to listen to the shows but I can't find a download option. I have a prepaid phone so I need podcasts I can listen to offline.  

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  • 1 month ago
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    I used to listen to him, too!  Moved on to other things - I just liked HIM, and our finances were always just fine.

    Try these - first one goes to your computer, and you have to sync to your phone:


    Or you can download direct to your phone, and use THIS:


    I did not go further to see is it costs anything to do these.  And I hope you can play these thru an audio system on your truck, thru Bluetooth.  Listening just with the phone loud is not good - and you KNOW BETTER than to drive even a skateboard, with earbuds!!  If you have an older cab with NO Bluetooth, then you can get a plug-in (got one in my 2004 Chevy).  You set it to an unused FM channel, and it plays thru your truck audio system. (If you are using GPS/ Google Maps. etc., it will interrupt for directions, then pick it up again.)  I just got a second one of those adapters for under $10 from CesDeals.com - lots cheap places with electronics and strange garage stuff, have those.

    Hope this helps you!  BTW - thank you for your hard work - NONE OF US could eat, buy anything in a store, or get important things moved, if not for you folks.  Nobody works harder, and gets less recognition for it, than you!  I read about a new booking system to make your transit time better, with less layovers - hope it benefits you ALL.

    Drive safe!

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