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What are some of the worst decisions/actions Trump has made since being in office?

I am trying to educate myself more on politics. So to start I am asking why so many people hate Trump. I do remember major issues such as him referring to Mexican immigrants as criminals (which sure some are and some aren't but no evidence shows a spike of crime statistics due to immigration). I also remember the travel ban, which makes sense if terrorists are coming from certain countries we shouldn't make it easy for them. I also know about his inability to soothe race relations, poor job responding to the coronavirus pandemic, mishandling of protests near the White House, many ties to Russia, and inability to break the cycle of American politicians giving our much-needed tax dollars to Israel. But what specific actions has he taken that have been detrimental to the United States?

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    The 2 worst from this year:

    #1  Pushing too early for reopening.  That caused the 2nd wave.

    #2  Downplaying the dangers of the virus all thru Feb & first half of Mar, thus delaying shutdown.

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    1. Giving our tax dollars to Israel is his best decision.  God says He will bless those who bless them and curse those who curse them.  Wise decision

    2.  Travel ban. wise decision

    3.  Many illegal immigrants have committed criminal acts in USA. Wise decision-being illegal is a crime, my friend.

    4.  How does one soothe race relations?  You tell me and the world and you'll be the smartest among us.

    5.  How would you have responded to the Coronavirus better?  Even Biden or Harris didn't offer any help with this virus, yet President Trump and VP Pence worked day and night to help the American people.

    6. Mishandling of protest near WH. Did you forget a church was burning?  This, to me, was his greatest moment in history when he upheld the Holy Bible which spoke a thousand words itself and he said nothing.

    7. Many ties to Russia you say.  Have you read BROOKS On the Record:US

    administration actions on Russia.  He Sanctioned a Bank backing scheme called "Evil Corp" from Russia. He put sanctions on Russia for trying to interfere in an election.  Sanctions for 5 Russians in response to human rights abuse.  Condemned Russia for their assault on Ukraine's sovereignty.

    On their occupation of Crimea and he condemned it as illegal actions. Indictments for malicious cyber-related activities. Restrict arm sales or export of security-sensitive goods and technology.  12 Russians expelled for actions deemed abuses of their privilege of residence.  That's all I can think of at the moment.

    This is an amazing President and he will win the 2020 re-election.  You can get real dumbed down by watching CNN news.

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     Not immediately reacting to and arresting those traitorous Democrat BASS TURDS who tried to overthrow the election and unseat a duly elected by the people President was the biggest mistake any President has ever made.

     These people should count themselves very lucky that they didn't try this SHlT in a 3rd World country where they would have been lined up and shot for the scum that they are.

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    to not pursue criminal investigations of seditious politicians.

     No one learned from not Shooting the traitor Hanoi Jane, from years ago.

    Too much dependence on the HSA criminal denial of rights by using the "Patriot Act".

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    Do you enjoy MS-13, the most violent of gangs?  What about the many women and young girls raped on their way to the US.  Are all the immigrants like that?  Of course not.  How many are acceptable?

    I agree with his travel ban which is not based on being Muslim but on the country they come from having no way to vet them to come here.

      Obama made race relations worse.  He set the stage in Ferguson by not intervening into the riots..Treyvon Martin looked like his son would have. 

     We got nothing but misinformation on the corona virus so how should he have responded other than what he did which was replenishing the ppe needs and travel bans from China and EU.  Governors are responsible for their response with Fauci as their scientific advisor.  

    Did the protestors in DC have a permit?  I heard they were not peaceful and in fact saw video of them throwing bottles, etc.  Why don't they just listen.  They just burned a church.  How much do we tolerate of this stuff?  Don't know what the "many ties to Russia are except lies.  The US has supported Israel since 1948.  What else is new?

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    What do you mean 'some'?

    EVERY decision this foolish moron has made are the worst

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    Eating the pinto beans from Chipotle

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