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Is it normal for a 16 month old to be so attached to their mom?

My baby is definitely a mommy’s boy. He’s always wanting to cuddle and sleep on my chest, he holds my hand when he drinks his bottle, and at doctors appointments he does NOT like being in a separate chair than me. He will literally cry until I put him on my lap. He’ll then hug me and settle down right away once he’s in my arms. He always wants me to hold him and he’s just a huge mommy’s boy. Is this normal?

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    Yes. Of course this is normal. That's just part of being a baby/toddler. Even early childhood the kid will still cling to the mom. Don't be surprised if he's like that for many more years, aside from the bottle part of course. My son was very cuddly with me until he was 9, and he was always a mommas boy.

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