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Broody Pullet or just plain mean?

I have 4 pullets and two hens and they all are laying currently. 

 Two of my pullets are a Polish breed - golden-laced and silver-laced. They are both laying, I think. It’s hard to tell as they are my only two girls that will lay small white eggs and Polish girls do not typically lay often often but I am gathering a small white eggs nearly on a daily basis.

Anyway, my concern lies with my golden-laced Polish, particularly. 

From what I know of a hens “Broody” traits she does not seem to show those at all. She’s always in the run yelling away and playing with all the girls. However, my research tells that the Polish breeds are typically timid, docile and sweet. My silver-laced Polish demonstrates just that! Though my golden-laced polish is quite simple put, an ******.

She will chase anyone whom enters the run, the coop or even just stands outside the fence as if she’s a guard dog. 

She is not even at the top of the pecking order by any means. 

As soon as someone enters the run to feed and care for them, she immediately runs after you. 

She jumps in the air and thrusts her talons at you like some sort of chicken ninja kick. She pecks at your legs, feet and clothes if you bend down. And this is a damn DAILY battle!

 She lets you pick her up and doesn’t mind being held, but the moment you put her down, it’s war!  

I thought when she started laying she would relax a bit - NOPE she’s gotten worse. 

Does anyone have any opinions or suggestions for me please??


Haha. She is certainly not a roo, unfortunately I wish it was that easy. We joke often about her potentially being a rooster but she doesn’t not crow, does not have spurs and is a late bloomer with her comb. She barely has a comb at all. She does submit herself in the ‘wing drop’ mating position when you place a hand above her. I could never cook my chickens but this one is particularly small - would be a nice bait if anything  

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    That is definitely NOT broodiness. A broody hen (not pullet, by definition) spends almost all of her time sitting on eggs and will peck if you try to remove the eggs. You might break her of her annoying habit the way I did with a barred rock rooster. He got away with an attack once and put spur holes in the plastic container I carried pellets in. The next time I went into the pen, I carried a bit of fish-netting. When he jumped up to attack, I interposed the netting, entangling his spurs. He dangled upside down briefly before getting loose. That was the last time I needed the netting.

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    The first thing I would ask is if you are sure this is a hen and not a rooster?  She is displaying aggressive behavior  typical of a rooster.  Putting her talons to you is dangerous,  they walk around in chicken poop and you can get very nasty infections from them.  I would suggest you isolate or broil her.

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