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Did Lord Rivers's Heraldry change?

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    No. I'm afraid it didn't. It almost changed at one point, but they decided they didn't like the look and changed it back to the original, just in case they made fools of themselves.

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    The Heraldry of Lord Rivers changed a number of times. Usually historians forget about the little canting coat: a coat-of-arms "canting" the name Rivers with wavy yellow lines on blue, azure Barry wavy d"or. Boutell's gives a unique Lambriquin or mantling of trefoils issuing directly from the sleeves of a "Trefoil- Lad" so described. But the coat-of-arms officially shown in the Wikipedia article is NOT the one Anthony Earl Rivers died with. See the book, "The Heraldic Imagination" by Rodney Dennys. After Lord Rivers travelled to Venice in 1476, his Garter Stall plate was changed to show quarterly of six, and included Lusignan of Cyprus. 

    Source(s): Dennys, Rodney: The Heraldic Imagination
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