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Is the NBA really so clueless as to not understand why their ratings are plummeting ?

The American people don't like all of this social justice far left politics being forced on them 


@grandpa- It doesn't sound like you understand what "SJW" means. Also, the XFL had better ratings than what the NBA is getting right now. 

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  • FWIW the highest rated sports programming last week was NBA basketball. All sports are seeing declines.  Golf has been 'flat' but that audience has been baked in for years (it's that that great compared to other sports but the numbers work given that they generally reach their core demo- older white men making over $75,000/year).

    The XFL had good first-week ratings but they steadily fell and were well below what advertisers were promised.  

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    Fans are pissed that athletes got to cut in line for Covid testing back when the lockdown started in March.  There are things more important during a global pandemic than sports... people lost their jobs and are trying to make ends meet.  BLM and other political agendas are the icing on the cake

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    its a none ametican issue. ericans really dont pay attention to that crap unless the american is mentally crippled in some way. sometimes physically crippled will to.

    its like the "charles atlas" thing from the 1900s. Build up the physically crippled 99 pound weakling so he can defend himself against normal people as he trys to get laid.

    they, naturally, use their sales tactics to sell their garbage.

    lot of 99 pounders few of us norms you realise?

    you gotta kinda build yourself up to protect your self from the mass of weaklings.

    but anyway the pro sport is the relm of weaklings its why they exist. and are aloud to exist.

    so weaklings have something to do it keeps them out of others hair.

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    That and the fact that basketball in July and August just doesn't seem right.

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    I seriously doubt most of the people offended by the NBA going full SJW on BLM were watching NBA basketball BEFORE they took the stand.  In my opinion, certain people (those against the NBA's politics in particular) are just using the NBA's stand to ACT like that is what caused them to stop watching the NBA. 

    I'd bet more of their ratings dive is due to the same thing that killed the XFL - simple bad timing.  Football in the fall and winter gets ratings, but people don't typically don't watch Football in the spring.  If they would, you can bet the NFL would have Spring football.  Result = XFL gets poor ratings because the audience for football simply isn't there in the Spring. 

    People don't typically watch basketball in the late summer.  If they would, you can bet the NBA would have basketball in August.  Result = NBA gets poor ratings because the audience for basketball simply isn't there in August. 

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    1 month ago

    Thank you! I have dropped all professional sports. 

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    When you disrespect America and its values, this is what happens. 

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    They don't care. They're doing this to please China, not America. 

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    Talk about killing the Golden Goose

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    They need a non-clueless guy like you to buy a team

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