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What do I look ripped when I finally  got my body fat percentage checked it was over 15 percent?

I always thought I was at least 8 percent body fat, my friends say 6 to 8 percent body fat. I weigh 170 lbs  5 ft 8 , I lift weight and do track workouts. I took a body fat test,( skin fold) it was 15.7 percent body fat, I was shocked especially  at 170 lbs and lost weight over the months. But even then in my eyes it anyone else's I was lean to them.15.7 percent is pretty much almost average I'm 44 years old.  Average doesnt not mean lean or ripped it means average. So then I thought well I just  have good muscle mass and it just pokes through whatever average fat I have. I got more discouraged  if I list weight I probably had higher  fat levels before anyways and lost muscle too, so now im not muscular  too. I guess my friends and girlfriend just tell me what I want to hear so I dont crazy because they know me being ripped , fit, and muscular  means alot. Also, me looking in the mirror I think my eyes perceive to makes me think I look ripped and muscular  is just the brain signals what I want.i do eat alot of protein and carbs because I do hard weight workouts and training track workouts deplete me. I also think I lack the shape / detail because I dont do isolation exercises, some say it's just a myth. Overall, i could just be average and people saying damn your body looks good could just be a lie. 

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    Yeah your average.  Get over yourself. Your not  ripped, your not muscular.  Your too worried what you look like at 44 years old. I've seen what you look like, average at best. How about get a job and move out of your parents home.  You are in this rich kids mentality matt. We all worked hard for our bucks, unfortunately  some work hard and live pay check to pay check. Matt, when you worked you still had a roof over your head, and now not working you still do. You slept with whoever you wanted, you worked out when ever you wanted  and you still do . Now you have a gf you use because she would do anything for you. You let her pay for everything and she works her *** off and you dont, that's messed up matt. You need to experience  the real  world and you will once your parents are gone. Yes matt women, friends and even your gf now tell you want you want to hear because we know how insane you get.  Your not cute, you don't have a body and your old. Your jokes are corny, nobody laughs with you they laugh at you actually we are pissed and feel sorry for your sorry self. You got a new car, congrats matt you didnt have to pay or work for that like we do. Daddy got you what you wanted again you spoiled brat!! Every gf and friend left you because of what kind of a person you are then you become a stalker. Yes no wonder nobody likes you. You have hardly any friends as it is. Many of us drive by when we can and see you walking around  discouraged,  we absolutely  love it. We love getting you mad, making you sad and getting you anxious.  All the exes, friends your former fellows at kroger joined and banded together to get revenge from the stuff you did. Your gf will leave  you, yes shes a tough cookie but in time she will learn. She doesn't need to be treated like this matt, you dont loved her or anyone but  your narsistic  self. I pray she finds a better person.  Yes matt their is a ring leader it's me Haha.  There are so many people after you. One day you will  be in jail I'll see to it and others will too. Oh matt, you went psycho  on us on video call we just said nothing it was hilarious why get mad right lmao. Does 2 hrs away and 4 hrs away ring a  bell and right by you.  Your gf  right now  is with vince just like samantha was when you were  with her. Funny matt, vince knows his women. Hopefully  your pea brain can figure this out it's not rocket science , your on the right train but wrong train. Tell you what as christy help you digest  this mystery.  Yes matt I'm the same person that's been on this forum  your ringleader. You changed your number so I cant call * 67 anymore  during the wee hours of the morning.  I'm sure other people have your number I just  not need to do it. Your ex will go after for child support, it's not yours but you signed, dumbass. Scotty is a better dad anyways. Matt you really messed up, now you got nothing.  It's bad when you put your gf in danager because  of you. Shame on you. Pain and suffering is the plan for you. Your gf puts her self down probably because of you. Shes attractive,  and looks better than before and you cant really get women if you tried,  well really we used you. Even gays dont want you, its horrible I know it , I'm here want a tissue. Good luck jenssen

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    Then maybe you need to see a therapist if you feel everyone is lying to you, and your own eyes are lying to you. For a middle aged man, you've got an obsession more typical of a young, immature guy. Most middle aged men aren't all wrapped up in what other people think of their body. 

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