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Should I quit my job?

So there’s 3 reasons why. 1. I hate it. 2. I just want a break from working, whether it’s weeks or months. And 3. For better opportunities. I’m 26 with only an insurance and a phone bill ($300) total. And  have 5k saved up. Is this a smart move?

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    No.  Find the better job first, and then build in some time off between your old job, and when you are available for your new job. Future employers do not like to see "quits" on a resume; and $5,000 does not go far.

  • fcas80
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    Your numbers 1 and 3 are good reasons to switch jobs.  But if you don't move right away into a new job, you will use up that 5K pretty quickly.  

    Your only expenses are insurance and phone?  No food, rent, transportation, entertainment?  Is this because you live with your parents?  How will they feel if you simply do number 2 and take a break from working?

    By the way, expect health insurance premium to go up if you quit and are no longer under your employer's plan.

    I suggest you start looking for that new job while you are working at the current one.

  • drip
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    1 month ago

    I would think your biggest concern would be health insurance. Paying for it on your own,  it through a company, is extremely expensive. 

    If you want to quit, have another job lined up first. Start brushing up your resume and sending out applications. See what you get. Have the new job, then quit the old one.

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