i put my foot down and told him im not waiting. he said all my gfs waited for me?i asked/ he said one month they waited. :o :'( ? confused?

what did he mean...

hes saying the total time they waited for him was one month and they almost died ...

and here im waitig for more than a year.

:( is he trying to hurt me or is he saying that i cant wait like his gf? or does he doubt me? 

if he has doubt theen he shud ask what she did in one month "waiting " for him....

why he has to doubt me?


thx tc

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  • 1 month ago
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    Whatever you were waiting for him to do? say? - you don't appear to have put your foot down hard enough if you are still hanging around for a year for whatever it is to happen.  I think he's telling you that his previous string of girlfriends only hung around for a month and when he didn't do whatever it was, they very wisely cleared off and found themselves a boyfriend who didn't keep them dangling on a string until HE was ready to do whatever it was they were waiting for.  You have more patience than your predecessors so your b/f considers he's hit the jackpot because he isn't going to change.  He is going to carry on doing or not doing whatever it is that's winding you up and you are going to make ineffectual complaints about it which he chooses to ignore.  Now he's insulting you by telling you that you are more of a doormat than all his exes.  I think it's time you just used your feet and walked away to show him you are done with him and his excuses.  Good luck

  • 1 month ago

    What is your actual question? No venting, no whining, no ranting, just tell us what you're specifically asking us that we might have the answer to. And if you can, please do it in basic English.

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