Can I replace a decent Internet connection with cell phone plan with a hotspot and a signal booster? ?

I was wondering if getting a cell signal booster for my existing cell phone plan with a hot spot would allow me to stream videos in a similar speed to a decent internet connection. Theoretically I want to use my amplified hotspot for my tablet and Roku TV. If it matters I have T-Mobile. 

Can cell phone plan + hot spot + signal booster = same strength as an internet signal?

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    The short answer is not a good idea for a number of reasons.   Otherwise the quality depends largely on how good\close your local cell tower is.  Mobile hotspots have higher latency which may not make much difference streaming video, but you will see various websites lag a bit when browsing the web.  Your biggest issue is your T-Mobile plan which will start to slow your hotspot speeds after just a couple of days of nightly streaming.  T-Mobile doesn't want people using their hot spots like this and will make it very inconvenient for people who try.  Unfortunately their plan isn't truly "unlimited" if you read the fine print.  

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