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when and why did Heinrich Himmler offer  the World Jewish Congress to "Work out a deal"?

is that not bizzare?  did he actually meet with the head of the "World Jewish Congress"? where was this organization based? what is it really? what was he thinking? and did Hitler order him arrested when he found out? why he thought that Himmler had given him a fake cyanide capsule then and tested it on his dog blondie?

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    It was in 1945 and he chose to do it because he knew Germany was defeated, and he wanted to make the peace deal with the Western allies, not the Soviet Union. He was also hoping that the US and Britain would also fight against the Soviet Union and Germany would support them with what was left of the Wehrmacht. He never met with anybody from the World Jewish Congress, there was just an intermediary between them that would pass information along.

    When Hitler heard that Himmler declared himself to be the acting head of government and that he wanted to initiate peace talks, he declared him a traitor but Germany was in complete disarray so nothing could be done about it. Hitler thought the cyanide capsule that Himmler gave him could possibly be fake when he heard about his betrayal. The allies would have wanted to capture Hitler alive and put him on trial, and Hitler may have believed that Himmler had already made a deal with the allies to hand him over alive.

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    There is an elaborate account here. Whether true or not I do not know.

    And Other Anonymous - Himmler was not Jewish. He was, I am sorry to say, a Catholic from a Catholic family.

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    Where did you read all that?

    Himmler dealt through the Swedish Red Cross.

    You can Google  "World Jewish Congress" It has a website and it is based in Switzerland.

    You can Google "Heinrich Himmler" if your library is not open or does not have a book written by a historian of the Third Reich or of World War II.

    As for Blondie, it's just as likely that  Hitler wanted Blondie to die so she would not be a trophy for the Allies. Or he wanted to be sure that the cyanide killed swiftly.  The surgeon was the one who killed Blondie's puppies and crunched the vial in Blondie's mouth.

     Hitler, not Himmler, had given cyanide capsules to the staff present in the Bunker.

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    Because Himmler himself was a Jew. and had organized their deportation to the new state of Israel.

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