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Why do a lot of American men hate Kamala Harris?

As an Indian guy, I think Kamala Harris is a very capable and smart woman. I'm proud of her because she's an Indian. Unfortunately, I read a lot of comments where men talk trash about Kamala Harris and even act sexist. 


Bill : That shows you hate assertive women who speak their mind. Do you know what it's like to be a woman in third world countries? We Indians need western style feminism in our country too. As a man, I am told by my parents to respect women's freedom and their boundaries. 

Update 2:

And please stop insulting Western women. I congratulate western women for standing up for themselves. I want my Indian women to be as rebellious as Western women. Anyways, Kamala Harris made our country proud.

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    You must not live in California if you think she's capable. Also, she's been claiming to be black for her whole career. You might be proud of her Indian heritage but she certainly isn't. 

  • rick
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    I think Harris is a good and qualified candidate. A lot of people seem to criticize her for not being something she does not claim to be. She wasn't rich, but she wasn't poor. She went to good schools. She didn't have to struggle. She made difficult decisions based on the greater good, instead of racial, ethnic, or economic pressures. She actually made decisions and backed them with action. No matter if your SIG was pacified or not. That took courage. It didn't add to her popularity.

    Additionally compare her to the opposition. The YES MEN attached to trump's trousers, by their lips.

  • Anonymous
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    The one who is sexist (and racist) regarding Kamala Harris is Joe Biden.   He made no secret of the fact he made his choice based on race and sex rather than select the best candidate regardless of sex and race.   She has a terrible history as a DA and Senator.   

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    It’s not just American me who don’t support her.  When she tried  running for president nobody supported her, not women, not the black community.    Tulsi Gabbard, a female liberal was one willing to point out Kamala’s shady past.  

    Harris supports many bad policies from wanting to spend 100 Billion on housing subsidies for blacks only to the green new deal which would bankrupt America if passed.   

    She is  a terrible choice for VP. 

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    I heard she slept her way into power but I could care less or do I care even enough to investigate. The thing that will be funny is the unspoken animosity between these two if Joe gets elected - being that she called him out for his supporting segragation and other racist policies. Joe has historically been exactly the man the media has tried to paint Trump to be. 

    The media is working doubly overtime to remove traces of this off the internet. But it's too late. It's a sad state of affairs when the same media that's been working doubly hard to damage Trump's character for 3 years can't even do damage control on the potential democrat "leader of the free world" that they champion.

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    Not because she is a woman you loon.

    People only care about her now that she will vice president and is a woman and black. now you are rootin for her. i am going to have to break your reality but being the first of something in the white house doesnt mean its going to revolutionize America. When shes out of office she will be left and forgotten just like Obama and any female that makes it after him. Nothing will change. But keep voting identity politics its just a cast away vote.

    You gotta change America and Make America Great Again. voting on skin color wont make that happen.

    Use your brain when you vote

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Men hate women.

    We could have a drawn out political discussion but let's just face facts. 

  • 1 month ago

    Who?  I never heard of this woman?

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