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Is lace front glue safe?

I have hair loss and recently shaved my head and been using wig glue. (Esha) I heard that you can have an allergic reaction. I haven’t yet but they said eventually you will. Is this true? Considering I love doing hair and wouldn’t wanna go bald. 


I sweat a lot. Wouldn’t got2be glue come off easily? I sweat like crazy because I have a higher body temperature 

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    1 month ago

    If you haven’t had an allergic reaction, then it’s safe for you to use 

  • 1 month ago

    Wait, who said you'll eventually have an allergic reaction? There are plenty of YouTubers who use lace glue when installing their wigs, and IDK they never said they had a reaction.

    However, I would highly suggest not using lace glue. Not because you might have an allergic reaction, but because the glue can rip your hair out, and even leave you with permanent hair loss. 

    Here are some other alternatives:

    1. You can install an elastic band on to your wig so that you can take it off/put it back on, and it'll stick down to your head. This is the most easiest and safest option. 

    2. You can also buy a Wig Grip. A wig grip is a head band you put on underneath your wigs, and it keeps it in place.

    3. If you want to make sure your wig definitely doesn't go anywhere, you can use Got2Be glue instead of lace glue. It's safer on your hairline, and comes off with water.

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