In US History, when did immigration start to become regulated?

When did immigration become regulated? America was built upon immigrants from different countries, illegal immigration did not exist. It was a melting pot. At what point did things go from, "Everyone is welcome here to start a new life," to fill out this application and you might be able to come. Even seeking asylum the legal way, the vetting process is very strict and can take years.

During the colonial era people came and migrated to the land of opportunity for various reasons such as religious freedom, asylum, famine (Irish Famine) and e.t.c.

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    The US has never had an 'anyone is welcome here policy towards immigration.  In the Colonial era, settlers were given permission and grants of land by individual states but only east of the Appalachians.  They were primarily from the UK.  After independence immigrants from the UK and western Europe who could pass a basic medical check were given a greencard at the port of entry.  They handed them out like lollipops to English arrivals, I have several friends who were given them.  Everyone else was subject to immigration control.  After a series of law suits in the 1960s that established that eugenics was illegal, immigration controls were imposed on everyone.

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    Immigration has been regulated by law since 1882. At that time, there were about a billion people on the planet, not almost 8 billion as now. Also, there was usually unskilled work for people with limited education, training, skills, so they could support themselves & their families. There was NO assistance of any kind for any immigrant, so they had to be self-sufficient! And they were.

    Now, with massive overpopulation, technological development, there is little to no way any immigrant with limited education, specialist training, skills, experience can support self, and certainly no way to support any dependent! Even uneducated, untrained citizens can scarcely support themselves. With a worldwide labor glut of a billion adults already, an overloaded planet destroying the environment, roaming the planet simply becomes dysfunctional in the extreme. Immigration, and even temporary visas, are becoming increasingly restricted everywhere. 

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    22 Stat. 214, August 3, 1882, 24th Congress, signed into law by President Chester A. Arthur. 

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    Right after the founding of the nation.

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    "Open immigration" for the USA ceased in the 1920s. 

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