Problems at potty training with 2 1/2-year old?

I already told about the idea of potty training my son who just turned 1 early. Now after this discussion we realized we have to wait. But what about my niece? She is 1 1/2 years older and my older sister's confident that she's ready. Of course it is correct to say that my sister's ready but her daughter isn't. But the thing is that my niece does tell that she has to go pretty often, but then she doesn't want to use the potty or toilet and instead asks for a diaper. My brother-in-law says he thinks she simply isn't ready yet, but my sister is confident that she had to try without diapers. The problem just is that she gets constipated then, and if she has her diapers on, then she will hide and do her business in them. Making her go Number 1 into the potty or toilet already doesn't work often (maybe once or twice a week) and she only went Number 2 in potty/toilet four or five times at all and then it were pure coincidences, even though my sister's trying to attract her to the potty for a year now. My sister's in a despair now - even though my husband is pretty cool with it overall and insists that it is important not to rush the toddler - so is there any way I could help her? Or is my brother-in-law right and we shouldn't worry?

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