If the Gov’t seized a UFO from your property would they have to reimburse you the ‘market value’?

Suppose that you own an acre of land.

A UFO crash-lands on your property.

No life-signs aboard.

You decide to sell it on AMAZON.COM.

Somebody pay you $5 million for it.

The money is now in your account.

You are about to ship it to the buyer.

A division of the federal govt shows up.

They seize the UFO under the guise of National Security.

So your buyer does not get the UFO.

You must reimburse the buyer.

Must the govt give you $5M for your loss now that a market value has been established for the UFO?


ANONYMOUS: If a meteorite lands on your property you have the right to sell it.

You haven't explained why it should be the case that this wouldn't also apply to a UFO.

1 Answer

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    No they wouldn't.   Why do they owe you anything for something you don't own?

    Are you under the impression that if a crow drops a wallet on your property that you now own the wallet and it's contents?    Or if an endangered wolf limps onto your property that you now own it?

    Just because something finds it's way onto your property doesn't make it yours.  

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