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How can I do karate taekwondo style kicks with my lead foot?

How can i get my lead foot to do round kicks?

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    1 month ago
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    This is the perfect reason for taking classes.

    It is the same as the back leg except you do not turn your hips.

    And lots of practice. You will need instruction or coaching. Reasons being you may want proper instruction. Many kick air. Like Taebo, Remember that health exercise craze? Lot of knee and hip injuries from that because of improper kicking technique.

    I do not want to scare you on learning. Just learn the correct way.

    You can start by learning how to kick laying on the ground. It provides a solid base and you can learn alignment.

    Alignment is critical in kicking. Since you actually have to align your joints and bones. It not only provides support from injuries but also adds to the kick if done correctly.

    Good luck, try to ind someone to teach you how to kick correctly. If not it is not only injury but also makes it harder to correct years down the road.

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