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Dirac asked in EnvironmentGlobal Warming · 1 month ago

Does the recent question on global warming and humidity demonstrate that deniers can't give science-based answers?

There is a current question asking about how global warming will affect humidity.  Rather than even attempting to give an answer based on science--such as the Clausius-Clapeyron relation--three of the few remaining deniers in here (for anonymity will call them the "clown", the "geologist" and the "pasper") just gave politically based nonsense as answers.  Do they turn to politics because they have so little knowledge of the relevant science? Is it a defense mechanism for them? Are they thinking "I haven't a clue what might happen with humidity on a warmer planet, so I'll just give my political clap-trap as if I'm above it all"?  

There used to be global warming skeptics that would attempt science-based answers, graphicconception, wilds_of_virginia, Kano, Ottawa Mike, Dr Jello, etc., come to mind, but now it just seems to be political hacks on the denial side.


As always, I believe in the free exchange of ideas and this question is open to all, I don't block anyone. That may be the reason the first version of this question got deleted in about 10 minutes, but I will stand by my principles keep it open.

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  • Koshka
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    1 month ago
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    I saw the question you mean, and it's unfortunate that most of the answers were irrelevant to to question, Especially disappointing is the answer from Z which I would have expected a tiny bit better! At least he could have admitted that warming world means more evaporation. That's a no-brainer! Even if he would have ranted about it, at least he would have addressed the question.

    As for other two, well, one is a religious nut and the other is just a plain nut with multiple accounts that will never-ever even think to admit he could be wrong. He only spews nonsense and try to provoke and it is so obvious.

    They are on same page about the pandemic, claiming it's no big deal, and are so happy Trump said it, what a ''relief'' for them! And share the same opinion about how Trump is fine and they admire him so much that anything he says is something to applaud! And they especially love being on the same page as Trump about AGW, after all Trump said it was a hoax, therefore they feel ''understood'' by that fool in office. 

    Only 2 TD's troll? Come on, dance silly troll bring them on, I feel so sorry for you, poor little troll.

  • 1 month ago

    No, it doesn't

    you ≠ science

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