What should I do about my broken MacBook Pro?

I recently bought a brand new ‘unused’ MacBook Pro 2019/20 from eBay (bad move in hindsight) the company I purchased it from seemed reputable, with many products sold and good reviews. A month into having the laptop it Shut down for being too hot and it wouldn’t turn back on, I managed to get it back up and running and thought nothing of it but the MacBook was constantly hot every time I use it, the bottom and touchbar were hot to the touch almost burning. Half the time I’m only using Safari.

Concerned, I decided to get in touch with Apple Support online. They recommended I update the MacBook which I hadn’t done. As I was updating the MacBook it completely crashed and now it won’t even turn on anymore. Any attempt to turn it on, it will show the loading bar and then the fans kick in for 0.5 seconds and it powers off again.

The product isn’t covered by AppleCare+ but is still supported for repairs it says. I’ve got it booked in for The Apple Genius Bar. Will they be able to fix it and will it cost too much? I’m scared of getting a large bill from Apple that costs even more than the laptop is worth. Anyone else had a similar problem and know if it’s fixable?

Ino it’s my own fault, I’m more annoyed at myself for cheaping out rather than just going through Apple as I did with my other products.

Also even though I didn’t buy the product specifically though Apple do you think they could still replace the product or am I just wishful thinking? 

2 Answers

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    A laptop that was manufactured within the last year will still have the factory warranty on it no matter who sold it to you despite the "fine print."  They will just use whatever date the seller acquired the laptop vs the date you purchased it.  If you get a nosy Apple Employee just tell them you got it at Best Buy or something.    It is what it is at this point, you will find out soon enough. 

  • 1 month ago

    If it was new and sold by an authorized Apple seller then it is under warranty. You should have asked the people at the Genius Bar if it under warranty. If not under warranty, I would take it to an independent repair person not Apple which will be expensive.  

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