chest tightness?

i'm a 24 year old female and have been having really intense chest tightness for months now, Ive contacted the doctors multiple times who have refused to test me due to my age. I decided to go to a&e so i could get tested, they gave me an ecg and blood test which all came out 'normal'. Ive googled how accurate these tests are and found that they arent very so now im panicking. It started during lockdown and thought it was due to anxiety around coronavirus and having i think i was having panic attacks but i have all the symptoms of a heart attack and it comes on everyday while im at work. I get these slight aches and pains in my chest, arms, back and feel nauseous and dizzy. how can i get a more accurate heart test??? im in a constant state of worry and i cant live like this anymore, i odnt know what to do?


can health anxiety cause you to feel pain thats isnt actually there? or notice aches and pains that you wouldnt notice otherwise? or feel pain somewhere because youre constantly thinking/worrying about feeeling pain there?

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  • 1 month ago

    see a heart  specialist.

  • Tavy
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    1 month ago

    A&E is UK yes? Total nonsense about ecg being wrong. And the blood test for heart problems. I have had both.

    A heart attack does not come and go, it's a heavy pain in the centre of the chest, sweating, difficulty breathing and a pain in the left arm up to the jaw.

    There are no,more tests unless you have an Angiogram which I have had, and they only do that if you have had a heart attack.

    You are overanxious., breathing badly due to anxiety hence the dizziness.


  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    You could try reading.  Slight aches and pains are not heart attacks.  A heart attack consists of "crushing pain" in your chest.  If you're 24 (I'm 24) and otherwise healthy, there is close to zero chance of a heart attack.  That's why doctors will not test your heart.  But you do have aches & pains and there is a consistency.  That's what you need to talk to your doctor about.

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