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After I signed a lease for my apartment, the landlord presented me with an absurd "schedule of fees" and he is applying my rent to fees?

Most of the fees I don't think  are even legally my responsibility and the lease doesn't say anything about the fees.

When I paid my rent, he told me that $75 went to my fees so my rent was $75 short and now has a $50 late fee as well.

A few of the fees Im actually somewhat ok with.  one is a lockout fee.  If I lock myself out, he wants to charge $25 to come let me in or $50 if it is after 8pm. 

But, he is trying to charge a service fee for maintenance requests, which is double if it is after 8pm. 

The 2 fees we are arguing about are a fee he is trying to charge after the toilet started leaking.  I noticed it when the ceiling was wet downstairs.  And he is trying to charge $50 for an after hours call because the breaker got tripped and he keeps the box locked in the basement where I can't access it.  I don't think Im obligated to pay him when his toilet starts leaking from the pipes in the ceiling or to give me access to the breaker box.  I wonder if it is even legal for the breaker box to be inaccessible for an emergency.

In just a short period of time, this landlord has shown himself to be completely unreasonable and tries to scheme to find ways to bill tenants more than what they owe.  

I really just want to break my lease,  but I'm sure he wouldn't do it voluntarily.  He us now threatening not to accept anything other than the "full amount I owe".  And, has already threatened to evict me over the disputed $75.

How should I address this to correct his behavior?

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    turn him  into a consumer advocate.

  • car253
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    1 month ago

    File a complaint with your local city government authorities. 

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    yes all legal and reasonable , go to a lawyer , he will tell you the same .Tight arsss arent you .

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    If these fees, or any other, were not included within the lease, he cannot charge them. It's that simple.  Not knowing your locale, I'd advise you to check with your cities or state) rent control or regulating agency. 

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    Get an attorney. Show him the 'schedule' of fees and ask him whether or not you can break your lease over this. Maintenance VISITS are one thing--but a fee for maintenance "REQUESTS?" That's excessive. As long as you are paying rent, he can't evict you for not paying his made-up fee--but you really need to have a lawyer address this problem for you--don't try to 'correct' his behavior on your own or you could find yourself in a bigger mess. 

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    call 911 tell them your getting jacked by your landlord and your assss is sore.

  • L
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    1 month ago

    Any and all Fees MUST be included in the Lease/Rental Agreement.  If the Fees are NOT included, on the Lease/Rental Agreement..............then look on the back of they very last page for the name and address of the Property Owner - write them a letter of complaint.  If the Property Owner's name and address is not on your paperwork........then go to your nearest Court House, Assessors Office.  Give them the STREET ADDRESS of the property and they will give you the name and address of the Property Owner........write them a letter of Complaint.

  • A
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    1 month ago

    you need to see if these fees were disclosed in the lease.  if not see a lawyer

  • Rick
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    1 month ago

    there COULD be local OR state laws covering this, so suggest a local lawyer .....................

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