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Why has the "racist" Trump been seen embracing black community leaders in so many photos?

Don't believe me. Do a google search. And when you are doing the google search look at the pictures, but look at the EYES.  Fake smiles don't reach the eyes. Look at the eyes. I have known disgusting racists in my life. They don't shake hands with balck people.  They certainly don't embrace black people. But the smile reaching the eyes??? COME ON. This whole narrative is a farce and if the left is lying to you about this, what else are they lying ot you about?


Anonymous, professional actors even have trouble with the smile going to the eyes. But to your point, you are a liar and a pedophile. Prove you are not. Whats that? By now, the issue isn't even Trump, it is YOU. When nothing works to disprove a false claim against you, you have devolved society to shambles. You shouldn't even be making the accusation and the burden of proof lies upon YOU. 

Update 2:

Folie, Your claim of photo op? OK everything every one of your democrats has done forever, was a photo op and they are actually all evil pedophile racist sexist monsters. Prove they are not. 

Update 3:

KaleyK, So your claim is that you are too stupid to do a quick google search with words I say you shoudl google search? I agree that you are that stupid. I do NOT agree with your assertion that I can post thousands of pictures in a question on YA, but your stupidity, I do not question. 

Update 4:

KaleyK, the inherent issue is that YOU are a pedophile. Prove you are not. 

Update 5:

You see KaleyK, while it is a given that you are sooooo very stupid that you can't do a simple google search. There is a potential that you are as smart as a horse and if I lead you to water, you will actually drink. You are currently proving to me that you are dumber than a horse. Maybe wake up and realize that they only reason I am making a claim.... is because someone FALSELY passed the burden of proof. Or you are a pedophile, which is it?

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    President Trump is the worst racist.

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    You're seriously suggesting that Mr. Trump isn't capable of being two faced? 

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    It's called a photo op and Trump does it frequently. He hugs black people because he knows cameras are on him and it will look good for him and prove he's not a racist.

    When he cleared protesters to hold a bible in front of a crowd didn't prove he's religious either. He didn't say a word. He did not pray or read a scripture. Trump has a motive for everything he does.

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