I have an F2A78M-DS2 REV3.0 Gigabyte mother board running in F4 bios, can I insert a CPU whose minimum requirement for bios is f2? ?

I have an F2A78M-DS2 REV3.0 Gigabyte mother board with Fm2+/FM2socket. Is it okay if I use say AMD Athlon x4 750k or AMD A8 6600K as CPU with its minimum bios requirement as F2. The motherboard was used since 2013.

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  • 2 months ago

    The following webpage, on the Gigabyte website indicates CPU support for your F2A78M-DS2 (rev. 3.0) Motherboard DOES include the AMD Athlon X4 750K CPU and the AMD A8 660K CPU, sir.

  • A.J.
    Lv 7
    2 months ago

    So, you are not going very far in CPU power. The FM2+ socket is very limited.

    Do you have a working CPU already? Current Bios is at F6e.


    The Athlon X4 750K is listed on the FM2 socket. It also will require a graphics card. The A8-6600K is also FM2. F2 Bios is old. There are no dates shown by Gigabyte.

    I doubt the bios on the motherboard is older than F2. No cpu is approved before it.

    Yes is the answer. You should be able to use those CPUs.

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